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Daniel Galender, Founder

Dan founded Galender & Associates, Inc. over a decade ago to provide computer hardware, software, and internet expertise to the corporate IT market. He specializes in training and advising companies on software installation, project management, implementation, demos, and testing.

Dan started his professional career as a software developer, and rapidly moved up through the ranks to managing software development and on to director of product development. He has also been a program manager and software product manager, utilizing his management skills to coordinate the efforts of interdepartmental teams to bring software products to market. His 20 plus years in the software development field have included consulting, training and corporate positions for such organizations as Advent Software, Ariba, Ascend (now Lucent), Citrix, PeopleSoft andSun Microsytems (both now Oracle), IBM, Texas Instruments, InstallShield Software Corporation (subsequently Macrovision, Acresso Software, and now Flexera Software), the Library of Congress, Ultimate Software, Amdahl, Syntex, Bank of America, Etak,  Memorex Telex, Interlink Computer Sciences and McDonnell-Douglas.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in applied statistics from the George Washington University and a Master of Science in statistics from Stanford University. He has been active in professional organizations and computer industry related user groups. He is also an avid scuba diver and a PADI Master Instructor.

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