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We found Dan Galender through a simple web search and he turned out to be a life saver. The InstallShield Pro installer for our IRM (Investor Relationship Management) application was in need of a major upgrade to InstallShield Developer plus we had new functionality that required a Crystal Reports runtime install. While we have some outstanding developers, we were sorely lacking in InstallShield expertise. Dan quickly took our requirements and transformed our problematic Developer scripts into a fully functional MSI install. Then he stuck with us throughout the build process, producing revision after revision, assisting and educating our developers on the intricacies of InstallShield. We could not have completed this release on time without Dan. Dan continues to work with us, refining our installs and customizing our builds for client specific needs. Financial Interactive recommends Galender & Associates most highly to any ISV wanting competent and involved consulting for InstallShield.

Director of Information Technology
Financial Interactive, Inc.

While serving as Educational Services Manager at InstallShield, I contracted training services from Galender and Associates for almost 5 years.  Throughout Dan's training assignments, he consistently received some of the highest instructor evaluations from our students. Dan was a pleasure to work with.

He was easily the most professional, reliable, and thorough consultant I have ever worked with.

InstallShield Software Corporation

I wanted to voice my appreciation for the work that you did for Ed Services IT.  With our tight deadlines and your knowledge of InstallShield we were able to deliver a quality product on time with no problems.  This product has been very stable and has required no maintenance to date, yet was straightforward enough for us to make changes as required.

I know that your work will be appreciated by anyone needing to develop a quality product in a timely manner.


PeopleSoft, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to use the consulting services of Galender & Associates over the past few years, and consider them to be my one stop resource for Technical Support and Training issues. I appreciate the prompt communication and high level of service they consistently provide.

Etak, Inc.

I attended [your] Advanced InstallShield Training last week in Santa Clara.

It was probably the best taught computer training course I've ever taken.

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Galender & Associates’ professional commitment to our project was exceptional. They were originally asked to consult with our existing team regarding the re-work of an extremely complex installer. Once we got into the project, we realized the scope of work was larger than expected. Dan put in the time necessary to make us successful, making himself available and working remotely between other commitments.

His work was instrumental in improving the quality and maintainability of our installer.

I would not hesitate to recommend him or his team.

Sun Microsystems

Galender & Associates worked with our company through the last 2 releases of our software. They took the time to learn what our installation objectives were and made sure those objectives were met, no matter how difficult the tasks. The InstallShield expertise we received from Galender & Associates was invaluable and they continue to provide assistance and follow-up with our various projects!

I highly recommend Galender & Associates for any InstallShield project.

Achieve Healthcare Information Systems

On behalf of the entire NetDynamics engineering team of Sun Microsystems, I wanted to personally thank you for your assistance during the past six months.

We had a very aggressive release schedule for our latest product NetDynamics™ 5.0 Application Server and all the other peripheral products. Moreover, the complicated architecture and design of NetDynamics™ 5.0 required an equally complicated installation process.

You not only brought InstallShield expertise which we lacked in-house, but also quickly came up to speed on the installer requirements for NetDynamics™ 5.0 and helped us design a better installation process in time for our March 17 release.

In addition, we also benefited significantly from your InstallShield expertise in streamlining the installation process further and making it more efficient and effective for our future releases of the NetDynamics™ Application Server.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and look forward to the opportunity of working together again.

Sun Microsystems

I think you did a superb job teaching the InstallShield class this past week. I learned a lot of things that would have been hard to figure out from reading a book and I was amazed by the ad-libs you played with InstallShield during the class. Thanks very much.


It [your InstallShield class] was a truly wonderful experience for me.

Dan is the best technical instructor I have ever met.

Keep up the excellent work!

Human Resources Development, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you again for the course.

I am having the best two days of my 5 month employment here at Delano! I feel empowered to actually do my job.


Delano Technology Corporation

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