We offer a variety of computer consulting services including:

  • Software Product Installation and Repackaging
    We develop custom software installation solutions with the expertise gained by over a decade of experience using Flexera Software’s industry-standard InstallShield products (for both the current technology’s Microsoft Windows Installer Service, MSI, and non-MSI installers as well as AdminStudio–with its ability to convert non-MSI setups to MSI installers). We can meet your installation requirements covering the spectrum from straightforward installations to other specialized needs including:

    • Cross-platform Windows support (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and all Server products)
    • Both MSI and Non-MSI Installers
    • Custom dialog boxes
    • Custom actions
    • Customized uninstallation
    • Product Upgrades
    • ODBC installation and configuration
    • Creation and configuration of IIS Web Sites and Virtual Directories
    • Modification of SQL Databases
    • Installation, uninstallation, and control of Windows Services
    • Unattended (silent) installations
    • Localized (foreign language) installations
    • CD-ROM, Network, and Web deployed installers
    • System Prerequisite
    • InstallShield Suites
  • Software Product Training
    We conduct training classes in the use of InstallShield  and AdminStudio products, as well as other products in classroom and one-on-one settings. Contact us to discuss how we can structure courses to meet your needs.
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